ESE Invest in new Partial Discharge Monitoring Equipment

ESE are happy to have invested in a new partial discharge monitor, that gives you the best early warning indicator of electrical insulation failure within your network.

Partial discharge is localised electrical discharge that only partially bridges the insulation between conductors and which can or cannot occur adjacent to a conductor.

It is caused by defects and degradation of medium and high voltage electrical insulation. This activity will eventually lead to complete insulation failure which will cause unplanned outages and damage to equipment.

Partial Discharge occur inside the High Voltage cable termination boxes, which are not opened and checked as part of the standard maintenance procedure. To do this would involve isolation of the equipment which is not always possible due to operation restrictions.

The reasons Partial Discharge occurs can be down to many reasons; poor installation, aging equipment, manufacturing faults, third party damage or environmental impact.

If costly unplanned outages are to be avoided it is vital to carry out regular Partial Discharge testing and monitoring as part of the maintenance schedule.

This has many benefits below and is a vital tool for all distribution equipment:
• Decreases the chances of unplanned outages due to equipment failure.
• Testing is non-intrusive with no outage require and will not disrupt your network.
• Improves overall reliability of high voltage equipment.
• Being able to accurately locate the site of Partial Discharge leads to reduction of the cost of repair.
• Effective management of ageing assets means that replacement costs can be programmed to a suitable date.
• Early warning of a failure gives increased safety for operational staff and the public.
• Continuous condition assessment for vital networks provides certainty and peace of mind

If you would like any more information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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