At ESE we currently employ several apprentices all at different stages of qualification, taking on a new apprentice each year.

Through apprenticeship schemes, we see a fundamental element in the continued growth of our company. We value the fresh skills and ideas which they bring to ESE. Having apprentices at various levels improves our training and development, making it easier for our apprentices to look up to those more experienced for support.

This is also important for our recently qualified and more experienced apprentices to allow them the opportunity to develop their own skills through training exercises.

We offer two apprenticeship schemes:

• A Four-year apprenticeship through JTL which includes three years of block release and one-year portfolio based at ESE.

• A Four-year accelerated programme which includes two years at college followed by completion of an NVQ work-based portfolio, alongside working at ESE. This course combines both Level 3 Electrical Engineering and Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations.