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ESE Ltd is a leading manufacturer of LV Distribution Units. All our units are manufactured in the UK and can be custom designed to meet client specifications.

All our units can either be free-standing using a rear connected LV cable box or they can be close-coupled to your transformer via specifically designed throat arrangement.

The units can be sited outdoors as the lockable weatherproof enclosure comes with a rainproof shed.

Our standard range uses single TP ACB’s but we can supply a panel consisting of a mixture of MCCB’s and ACB’s to suit your requirements.

Whatever your requirements please do not hesitate to contact our sales team by emailing


We are the only UK supplier to offer the market exclusive extensible outdoor ACB cabinet. 

Our exclusive unit provides the option to increase the number of LV circuit breakers from the transformer. We can also include a changeover panel that provides the security of a generator connection point without having to alter your LV switchboard. Either a permanent or temporary generator can be connected to the remaining ACB’s. Litton Veam type connectors can also be supplied on the side of the ACB to facilitate the connection of temporary generator cables.

Generally, most transformers are sited outside in out lockable weatherproof enclosure. Having the changeover panel directly coupled to the transformers provides the security of a generator connection point without having to alter your existing LV switchboard without having to enter your premises.

Your existing LV cable tails from the transformer to the LV switchboard will now be protected by a new ACB mounted in the changeover panel, and either a permanent or temporary connector generator can be connected to the remaining ACB.

Our transformed mounted or free-standing feeder pillars are composed of:


  • Painted Sheet Steel
  • Indoor / Outdoor / Weatherproof to IP33
  • Close Coupled / Transformer Mounted
  • Ground Mounted / Free Standing with Rear Cable Box
  • Lockable Door(s)
  • Bottom Entry Aluminium Gland Plate
  • Extension Throat for Multiway Units



  • Any Configuration of 415V Distribution
  • Air Circuit Breakers from 400A up to 4,000A
  • 2/4 Pole








  • Incoming Isolator
  • Multi-Function Metering
  • DeepSea for Automatic Changeover
  • Generator Connections
  • Specials