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ESE Ltd are NERS accredited to carry out contestable work up to 132,000 Volts.

ESE Ltd is an independent Connection Provider (ICP) under the National Electricity Scheme (NERS), which is administered by Lloyd’s Register on behalf of the UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s). This means that we have been assessed and accredited nationally by Lloyd’s to carry out Contestable Works associated with the new connections to the electricity distribution system, including:

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Cable Installation
  • Cable jointing and termination
  • Substation installation
  • All associated works, including excavation, cable installation and backfilling.

As an accredited ICP, we can liaise with the relevant host DNO to undertake the following elements of Grid Connection work:

  • Apply to the DNO for a Point of Connection (POC) to their existing distribution system.
  • Detailed design of the connection from the POC to the customer’s site, including route selection (subject to review and approval by the DNO).
  • Procurement of cables, switchgear and transformers required to make the connection (in accordance with the DNO equipment and material specifications).
  • Obtaining all the necessary Wayleaves and Deeds of Grant (to DNO specification).
  • Relevant planning permission and other approvals.
  • Excavation of the connection route and cable installation from the POC to the customer’s site, or the installation of any overhead lines from the POC to the customer’s site.
  • Construction and installation of the required electricity substations (to DNO specification).
  • Commissioning of the installed connection assets (witnessed by the DNO).
  • Provision of all as built information and commissioning records for the connection assets constructed.
  • Liaising with the DNO on final connection of the customer’s site to the electricity distribution network.